Meet the faces behind the puzzles!

Caitlin Houck & Andy Houck

         We are independently owned and family operated! Escape rooms are popping up all over the country. We love doing them and travel when we can to try a new one out! It all started when we were on vacation in Orlando, Florida to take our two-year-old daughter to Disney! Andy’s mother booked an escape room for us to do… Unsure if we’d enjoy it or not, we went to try it out. Long story short, we had a blast! We had so much fun that we booked another one two hours later! We came back home to Rochester,  New York and immediately started searching for more rooms to do! We traveled to do more and this was when we realized we wanted to create our own and were confident we could provide this experience and excitement for others! So confident, that we decided to start working on it immediately! We took this on while running our full-time marketing business, remodeling our entire building, taking care of our two-year-old daughter, three-month-old puppy, and planning our wedding that is four months away! Sounds crazy right? Well that just goes to show the passion and confidence we had in this!
Escape rooms are an activity that you can do with friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else you’d like, for any occasion! Work together and test your skills with LOCKED A Rochester Escape Room! Opening April 2017!