Ready for a challenge?

60 Minutes - Time

You and your teammates will have up to 60-75 minutes(depending on the room). We will go over all of the rules right before you start your experience!
The cost of your game will show on each games booking page! The price is per person and your game will be private with at least two players booked, the room will be all yours!
The maximum players allowed for each room is also listed on the rooms booking page. Our rooms allow anywhere from 6-10 players depending on the room. If you have a larger party we will split you up between rooms. Call for more details.
Booking Info

how to book

choose a room for your escape

You can think of an escape room like a live-action video game or a fully immersive strategy and puzzle game. You will search for items or clues to help you open locks or give you codes to open more things throughout the game!

choose the date and time

Each room is has its own unique storyline. Choose a theme that sounds most intriguing to you! We have rooms for all ages and occasions!

select the number of players

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, planning an office party, going on a date, or even just looking for something awesome to do last minute!

get your booking confirmation

If you are ready to book, find your room, choose your number of players and make your reservation. Reservations are all made before you arrive. If you need a little more of an explanation, take a look around our site and read all of our rooms descriptions. You can also call with any questions you may have!